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Creative Consultant

Expansive Creative Support to Jump-Start Your Concept, Storytelling and Brand

As a creative consultant, I take on the big picture you see for yourself, your company and brand, and help facilitate your vision. With my diverse background in the entertainment industry, I bring a vibrant, visceral dynamic to the table; and with my publishing background I bring method to the madness.

Part of my process is having one-on-one time with you discussing the short and long-term goals you have for your concept/brand. I also take that time to really get to know who you are, your overall outlook on life, your company, and your competition. I take in the nuances of how you connect and activate within your world, which allows me to make informed choices with how to orchestrate the best game plan for your needs.

•Story Development•
~ TV/Film Scripts/Books (characters, plot, subplot, theme, dialogue), research,
fact checking, outlines, treatments, book proposals ~

•Inclusive Editorial Support•
~ Developmental assessment (characters, plot, subplot, theme, voice, tone),
structural editing, copy editing, line editing, proofreading ~

•Website Iteration•
~ Website overview, revamp, content update, copywriting ~

•360° Marketing Strategy•
~ Competition overview, step-by-step digital strategy, copywriting, copy editing,
ongoing support ~

Consultancy Options

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