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Let the Story You Wrote Sing and Dance On the Page

Words are power, and I have a passion for how words mix and mingle to create powerful expression. In my work as consultant and editor I am able to guide clients so that their work reflects their truth and their power.

As a writer myself, I know how intimate and painstaking of a process it is to put just the right words into place to make sure an idea comes across on the page as intended. I also know that finishing a piece can become a feat in itself. In honoring the creative muses that come and go, a writer goes deep into the murky waters of an idea and sometimes can't float above the work to see if everything is coherently falling into place, much less be hassled by the confines of writing rules. That's where I come in with compassion and a fine-tooth comb.

I look at each piece of writing like it's a song. There is a rhythm and flow that happens on the page through the words, grammar and punctuation used. I don't take editing lightly since so much is at stake if it isn't done well. A writer's identity, credibility and brand are in the balance, so finding the right editor is crucial on so many levels.

As an editor, I try to honor a writer's voice, concept and intention by making sure what they think is on the page is actually on the page for readers to understand. I can provide suggestions, direction and overall guidance to ensure your work is brought to its highest level.

• Book Editing •
Non-fiction / Fiction

• Script Editing •
TV / Film

•Editorial Assessment
•Developmental Editing
•Structural Editing
•Copy Editing (grammar, spelling, punctuation)
•Line Editing
•Content Editing

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