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Writer ~ Ghostwriter

Storytelling With Fresh Vision

I have been a columnist and writer for the past 10 years with over 30+ published pieces of lifestyle/"Sex and the City" commentary, human interest stories, and reviews. Articles spanned diverse subject matters from lifestyle/relationship topics, fashion/beauty, and health/science/self-help to business/finance/cyber tech and restaurant/music reviews. I actually really love learning about everything, so never am I nervous to take on a topic.

Because of my eclectic background in the entertainment industry, I approach writing and ghostwriting in somewhat untraditional ways. Although I use classic tools of research and interviews to start a story, as I write, I visualize the story with all my senses as if a movie is taking place and I expound upon all the depth of perception that comes within that. There are many ways a person/story can be portrayed, and some are not always as favorable. Through the work I do, I find the angle that will serve the story best for the parameters of the chosen medium.

When ghostwriting, I activate my background in acting and utilize skillsets that are extremely helpful when creating content that must imbue a client's voice, tone, vocabulary and syntax. My acute interviewing and observation skills allow me to connect with a client to where the content I create on their behalf is almost seamless.

With my integrated background in both the entertainment and publishing fields I bring a level of knowledge that will only help elevate the type of material you need done.

•Op-Ed pieces
•Book proposals

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