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Content Creation | Storyscaping

Ensure your content stays true to your brand with effective impact.

In a world where sound bites and memes become the beacon of a brand, there is no room to gamble with your vision or intent, and least of all, your words. Content has to speak not only to your brand, but also to the parameters of the marketing channel you choose.

What you would say in a quick and catchy status update would not work in a TikTok video, or what you would write about in a 250-word blog is not what you'd discuss in a newsletter. The other aspect to worry about is how to keep the content consistently flowing while juggling a busy workload and life.

With multiple channels and platforms of marketing reach to choose from, it may be hard deciding which medium will work best for you and your brand, much less knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it best. That is where I can step in, at whatever stage you are at (or wherever you feel stuck), and guide you in what message you truly want relayed to both visualize the possibilities and expand the options you may not have realized were available to you that could be that extra push you've been hoping for.

After having worked in content creation for 8+ years, across industries, in all mediums, and at all stages, I bring a seasoned skillset and running list of creative possibilities and best practices to accommodate any type of creative endeavor. I've freelanced as media manager, content editor-proofreader, ghostwriter-copywriter-journalist, and in website-visual/graphic design for multimedia projects, articles, websites, and assorted marketing essentials (ancillary; print collateral; D2C, B2C, & B2B blog/email, etc.). I know the importance of eye-catching, poignantly phrased content, and have dealt in all formats, from human-interest stories to business summaries, and well-versed in an array of subject matters, adept at streamlining difficult, esoteric information into more viable, mainstream content.

Understanding the current trends and finding the unique vibe and dialogue of your voice and concept is what I do to ensure your message stays true to your brand, while also having effective, successful impact and the audience engagement you need to thrive and grow.

But you don't have to do it alone. I can work in whatever capacity you need, a little or a lot, filling in the gaps of what you can't get to personally.

I can step in and simply finish out a project you just can't get to and needs to get done pronto, where you could consider me your very own Freelance Marketing Assistant.

I can step in and provide ongoing, consistent content creation behind-the scenes, taking your lead and following through on the marketing strategy and branding methods you already know works best for you and your creative venture. Or I can be 'on-call', stepping in for ad-hoc work as it comes, perhaps drawing up quick copy or overseeing last minute, surprise digital and print marketing incentive materials, where you could call me your very own Freelance Copywriter and Media Manager.

I could also step in as your very own personal Multimedia & Marketing Operations Manager, working in a larger capacity altogether, creating and overseeing marketing strategies and coinciding marketing channel(s) that will serve you best. Where I would provide consistent, ongoing creative support, with result-driven goals planned out, facilitating all facets you may need. Covering the gamut of content creation, curation, and behind-the-scenes admin/tech logistics, as well as keeping a finger on the pulse of the market and marketing trends, to enact swift strategy-pivots and stay ahead of the game.

Wherever you're at in your product and brand journey, we can collaborate on what exactly you need - or don't need - and create a game plan tailored to your world, that incorporates both your personal and business goals. A game plan that finally puts you and your life needs first and what will truly work for you so you can create that built-in foundation of support that better ensures not only your personal longevity, but your creative venture's as well.

Marketing & Business Collateral
• • • • • •
• Video Curating/Editing/Creation
• Audio Curating/Editing/Creation
• Content Writing
• Copywriting
• Press Releases
• Business Summaries / Proposals
• B2C / B2B / D2C
• Brochures
• Invitations
• Short-Form Copy
• Long-Form Copy
• Evergreen Copy
• Click Bait Copy
• Learning Design
• Journey Design
• Web Copy
• In-Product Copy

Publishing Assistance
• • •
• Blurbs
• Title Information Sheets
• Jacket / Catalogue Copy
• Book Proposals

Content Writing
• • •
• Ancillary Collateral
• Technical Writing (How-To Manuals, etc.)
• Blogs
• Email Newsletters
• Articles
• Op-Ed pieces
• Editorials
• Human-Interest Stories
• Reviews
• Lifestyles Commentary

Content Creation to Create Your Future You

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