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Herding One Flock at a Time Below!

Compiling my own portfolio of work of many various marketing and business collateral I've crafted over several years has been long overdue. I can only blame myself for keeping myself booked!

Ironically, it is this very freelancing of creating materials, from gig to gig, that seems to be the very thing tying me up from keeping track of those materials for a portfolio that would only create even more work. So, finally I'm knee-deep in pulling together the various ad-hoc assets I've created of visual design, marketing, and ancillary materials that would comprise my Storyscaping Portfolio...But still shepherding my 'flock' of work from the 'fields' of my files, and crossing fingers it's done soon, 'herding' one 'flock' at at time;)!

Keep in the know when I shepherd more flock of sheep of work into the rolling portfolio fields of my website!  

Thanks for submitting!


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