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Taking a wee bit of time!

Compiling my own portfolio of work of the all the various marketing and business collateral I've crafted over several years has been long overdue. I can only blame my own success in being booked with continuous freelance work and bouncing from gig to gig creating materials, as the very thing keeping me from tracking those materials, ironically.  So, finally I'm knee-deep in pulling together the various ad-hoc assets I've created of visual design, marketing, and ancillary materials that would comprise my Storyscaping Portfolio...But still shepherding my 'flock' of work from the 'fields' of my files, and crossing fingers it's done soon;)!

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Tiffany Walker is a wonderful, young writer. She possesses a quality which many writers, throughout long careers, are never able to master. That quality is honesty and an undeniable truthfulness in each and every one of her sentences. Honesty...what Hemingway

described as essential to great writing.




—  Joseph Sciuto —


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