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Tiffany Walker

Originally from Clearwater, Florida, the home of Scientology 'cruise lines' and Hooters, I found myself not exactly fitting in with the citrus state that is also known for having an over-abundance of serial killers. So, to make sense of it all, and the is and isn't of it, I became an unwitting explorer of people, places, and things, living and traveling across the country and abroad. 

This first led me to Boston, where I received a Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Emerson College, with a focus in writing-editing, acting, film/TV/theatre production, and the visual arts-advertising.

I then decided to diversify and get a Master's in Publishing from the University of London, with a broad focus in marketing/PR strategy, multimedia print-digital logistics, and content/brand development. But my main focus revolved around educational and children’s media/publications and accessibility, where I acquired first-hand experience in age-psyche appropriate requirements in storytelling, book and app design, and the major players involved.

From my studies and travels, I’ve been really fortunate enough to have lived around the country and internationally, learning and appreciating different types of people, cultures, and ways of life, to where I have a deeper understanding of the beautiful common thread between us.

I also have a deeper understanding of the power of storytelling, in whatever artform takes, in its capacity to humanize - or dehumanize - the things we don’t understand, and the pivotal role it can play in democratizing the shared common threads of human being-ness between us all that can lead to meaningful change and shift the fear of other-ness. And for that, I keep deep reverence for its power and how I use it.

Serendipitous studies and travels that parlayed into me falling into diverse types of jobs, which, again unwittingly, turned into a dynamic career path between multimedia content creation, marketing, publishing, and the arts-entertainment arenas.

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The multifaceted print, digital, and media know-how I have come into because of this non-linear career path has given me a unique versatility to work across industries and channels, as well as bridge the gap between them. Merging the power of what each one can provide the other to facilitate innovation and forge even bigger connections, staying head-to-head with emerging trends and best practices.

My eclectic background includes the arts-entertainment industry, spanning event management, film/TV/audio-music production, working in front of and behind the camera, performing-writing-editing all genres from comedy to drama, which has given me a unique insight and instinctual eye for authentic audience engagement.

I bring a visceral, conceptual approach to content creation that is conveniently paired with insider knowledge of behind-the-scenes components of production and budgetary constraints. Which, combined, gives me this deeply intuitive understanding to know the needs of both the consumer and company on all fronts.

This also included working, freelancing in literary management, where I aided in finding, progressing, and pitching innovative materials in both nonfiction and fictional arts, with the bulk of my work in nonfiction.

As Jr. Literary Manager, I liaised with writers, guiding them in concept development and the shaping of a compelling story, further honing their scripts and manuscripts through multi-layered editing processes. This work led to my working in various roles in traditional publishing, working in all levels of editing and content development.

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In addition, I've worked in content creation across industries, in all mediums, and at all stages. I've freelanced as media manager, content editor-proofreader, ghostwriter-copywriter-journalist, and in website-visual/graphic design for multimedia projects, articles, websites, and assorted marketing essentials (ancillary; print collateral; D2C, B2C, and B2B blog/email, etc.).

I know the importance of eye-catching, poignantly phrased content, and have dealt in all formats, from human-interest stories to business summaries, and well-versed in an array of subject matters, from cyber security/crypto and business-finance to alternative health-healing arts, lifestyles/politics and arts-entertainment, adept at streamlining difficult, esoteric information into more viable, mainstream content.

I have found that the eclectic background I've worked hard to build, which is often poo-pooed for not being more of a traditional, "linear" career path, is the same eclectic background of jobs, people, places, and things, is the key to creating the innovations and communication that will build not only sustained, financial success, but also build a more connected, symbiotic society to create a better, empowered future.

I know it has been a valuable and effective asset in the smaller-scaled, microcosm of freelance work I've done for small businesses and creatives. And after seeing the positive results, I have no plans to turn into a one-trick-pony any time soon.

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