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Tiffany Walker

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I have always had  “curiouser and couriouser” mindset, which has translated into a diverse career path, with a dynamic background in the arts-entertainment and publishing industries.

As an empath and polymath, I make distinct connections with people and their worlds. I genuinely feel transcendent developing, writing, curating ideas, whether it be for books, TV/film content, IP branding, or journalist work. I am a creative thinker with strong writing and communication skills that lead to resourceful problem solving.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and Communications, with a Minor in Psychology from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. This garnered eclectic experiences in the arts and entertainment industry, working both in front of and behind the camera.


My background includes performance, TV/film/music/audio production, writing/producing, and agenting/managing. In particular, my experience as a Jr. Literary Agent/Manager, where I aided in finding and progressing new, innovative intellectual properties in all genres from books, documentaries and feature film/TV material. I edited and guided writers on their work in terms of story, plot and character development, all coinciding with the inherent job of the agent/manager: networking, sourcing, and pitching potential buyers. I've also worked in the music industry, handling songwriting and music publishing, and in Production.

In addition, I’ve freelanced as a journalist/ghostwriter/content editor and am well-versed in many subject matters from psychology/spirituality, self-help/motivation, business/finance, to health/beauty/fashion. My freelance ghostwriting and content editing include overseeing editorials for a fashion factor and a cyber technology expert, and my structural editing includes both fiction and non-fiction works. Most notably is the structural editing I did for the self-help book I Can’t Believe My Life Has Come to This (2nd Edition), by Dr. Gary Penn.


I recently diversified my career path by obtaining a Master's in Multimedia Publishing from the University of London, with a focus in editorial, business, and marketing/PR. I now have a print, digital and social media know-how that truly enhances my previous professional background. I’ve excelled in content/brand development, marketing/PR, research/analysis, SEO/Metadata management, and website/app design.


With my diverse experience and skillsets across the entertainment and publishing mediums, I bring a very visceral approach to literary endeavors, innovative content creation, consumer engagement and production. I have a passion for being apart of purposeful, innovative and effective content, integrating multimedia facets that might otherwise be overlooked.


- Editorial Assessment   

- Story Development 

- Story Editor / Script Coordinator 

- Ghostwriting 
- Client relations / Pitching 
- Journalism / Interviewing 
- Structural Editing 
- Line Editing 

- Proofreading 

- Marketing/Sales/PR Strategy 

- Copy Writing / Copy Editing  

- IP/Brand Development 
- Public Speaking / Event Mgmt
- SEO /Metadata Management 
 - UX/UI/CX Design         



360 Degree Marketing


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