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Solutions Provider | Ideator + Strategy

I troubleshoot so you don't have any trouble, or the need to shoot anything...

My work as Solutions Provider is somewhat inherent to the roles I take on as Creative Consultant, Content Developer, or Content Creator, where I collaborate with a client to discuss their vision and goals, and present the various creative directions, marketing opportunities, potential pitfalls, and a recommended strategy of innovative options woven within best practices.

I intuitively do that because it’s the unspoken key to success for any creative endeavor you undertake. It is also the main thing for which creatives and businesses seek out consultancy in one form or another, because pertinent infrastructure components and marketing strategies were never fully hammered out or decided upon at the start.

The creative part is the fun part, but ‘endeavor’ is the operative word. And although a go-getter mindset and beginner's luck of operations falling into place without a hitch, is a great launch to make you feel like ‘you got this’; life happens, and the blind spots quickly reveal themselves.

All the things that were seemingly manageable, Easy Bake Oven, behind-the-scenes tasks, or you didn't think some tasks mattered for what you thought you were shooting for at the very beginning stages, can quickly turn into the exact things that become trap doors.

The behind-the-scenes components and infrastructure of branding strategy, daily maintenance, and actual nuts-n-bolts, basic office operating systems that must work in symphony for both your life and your brand, absolutely have to be considered and/or incorporated into any creative endeavor, new or old.

It’s the very same [unglamorous] behind-the-scenes components and strategized infrastructure no one likes to talk about, that can make even a bad product successful as a testament to just how important a streamlined back-end infrastructure really is.

Multiple, interchangeable components and layers that can pivot you and pull you up—or pull you down. All working in concert, and can weigh-in greatly to determine the trajectory of growth and longevity for you and your venture.

I am here to essentially fill in the unexpected gaps that may come about along the way beyond the initial aspect you thought I would be employed for. I have the jack-of-all-trades

• Multimedia & Marketing Operations
• Marketing/PR Strategy
• Systems Innovator & Optimizer
• Customer Experience Impact Specialist
• Audience Engagement Consultant
• Media Management
• Rebranding
• Presentation Specialist
• Bookkeeping/Admin Support
• Video-Audio Production/Editing
• Content Integration/Streamlining
• Interaction & Journey Design
• Media Management
• Innovation facilitator

I Fill In the Gaps Before You See a Gap;)

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