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I'm a dynamic communications and multimedia professional, who's worked across industries, in multiple capacities and roles for the past 8+ years. I've worked within all mediums, creating and curating engaging content, with an intuitive eye for true audience engagement. I've managed the various aspects of content development and content creation at all stages, increasing salability and reach through elevating, optimizing the words printed on the page, and the digital footprint behind them.

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My eclectic background gives me a multifaceted print, digital, and media know-how, and unique versatility to work across industries and channels, as well as bridge the gap between them. Merging the power of what each can provide the other by bringing a 360° approach to innovative content creation and consumer engagement, integrating multimedia facets that might otherwise be overlooked.

I’ve worked fluently between content creation, the arts-entertainment industry, and marketing/publishing arenas, in multiple roles and capacities, providing the jack-of-all-trades gamut of support that it takes to consistently keep pace, both creatively and innovatively, to successfully go head-to-head in the digital landscape of [profitable] quick and clever cyber pivots.


How I've come into the opportunities I have, connecting and collaborating with diverse groups across sectors, mediums, and platforms, is because of my empathic sensibilities, and multi-hyphenate nature to learn anything and everything that comes my way.

It's also why I bring a distinct comprehensive, intuitive approach to innovative content development and consumer engagement that most can't provide because of they've only worked in just one sector. And why I have a sixth-sense, proactive edge to assessing and troubleshooting any type of material and content goals, integrating and streamlining all moving parts to optimize multimedia facets that might otherwise be overlooked, filling in the gaps at any job or company with which I work.

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In my spare time, I'm either at a Starbucks, people-watching and eves-dropping the nut-ball things people say and do when they think no one is watching, or learning the dibbles and dabbles of something new, or flipping through stock-piled emails of things I've emailed myself that I was intending to learn but haven't gotten to yet... because of falling down a Tiktok rabbit hole of adorable talking puppies, kitties, and toddlers accidentally dropping F bombs.

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I wake up every morning with this never-ending itch to create the kind of innovative written and visual storytelling that connects and moves people. The kind of storytelling that doesn't just make surface connections, but actually moves people to restore - and build stronger - the common thread we undeniably have between us that becomes frayed when forgotten.

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The power of storytelling, in whatever artform it takes, is in its ability of humanizing the things we don’t understand. I stay very vigilant and reverent of how I use this power out of respect of just how much of a pivotal role it plays in effectively democratizing and highlighting the shared common threads of human being-ness among us all that can lead to meaningful change and [hopefully] shift the fear of other-ness.

Because of that, I strongly believe in keeping a curious mindset and staying open to discovering and exploring new possibilities, because that's how innovation and evolution happen, and the essence behind all great art.

It is the magical Star Dust to what makes something connect and "go viral", and it a goal of mine to consistently live within that open mindset.

I lean heavily into my journeyman background across mediums, tech, and visual arts, because those inform me of what will work best for anything I work on.

It is from my immersive experiences living among other cultures, and eclectic entertainment work in film/TV, music, and as actor, writer, stand-up comedian, that I have a distinct ability to connect with people on deeper, empathic levels, and see the common thread between us.

It is the 'Secret Sauce' behind creating successful, creative  content, and the foundation integral to what makes deeper, more effective audience connection.

  • Random Facts, Stats & Forensics

  • Documentaries, Docs, Bios, More Docs...

  • Crypto | Tech | Ridiculous Gadgets

  • Following Hunches...& The Money

  • Staying Curious & Non-Stop Learning

  • Observing People Do Weird Things

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Learn more about the serendiptipous opportunities and plot twists-n-turns in my story that led me to do the gamut of brainstorming I do now.

I Can't Get Enough of...

  • Random Facts, Stats & Forensics

  • Documentaries, Docs, Bios, More Docs...

  • Following Hunches...& The Money

  • Crypto | Tech | Ridiculous Gadgets

  • Staying Curious & Non-Stop Learning

  • Observing People Do Weird Things

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