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Writer | Ghostwriter


It sounds cliche', but it really does take "team work to make the dream work," and through collaborative efforts your vision can be exactly what you want and then some!  From story development and copy editing to ghostwriting, from copywriting and social media content to 360° marketing strategy, I can help propel your concept to what  you envisioned and beyond.


Anyone who has envisioned their work to its fullest potential knows it is easier said than done.

   In a perfect world, we would do everything ourselves to make the vision exactly as we see it in our heads. However, juggling the creative push against the business pull of life can make your vision fall by the wayside.

Tiffany Walker  

Words are power, and I have a passion for how words mingle to create powerful expression. As creative consultant and editor, I guide my clients so that their work reflects their truth and their power.

Cosmic Sky


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- Susan Bond - 

London, UK

International Medium-Clairvoyant, Author, Teacher  

I was referred to Tiffany Walker through my literary agent to help sort my second book to make it ready for the US. Although I had some success with my first book Both Worlds published in UK, I felt nervous with where to start and what changes would be needed for US publishing with how to expand on my first book.

But straight away, Tiffany put me at ease and made me feel my life story would be in good hands. She was perceptive and understanding of my concerns in making sure my portrayal stayed accurate to my British life but also translated alright to US, and my personal hopes for this book to lead to perhaps more than just being a book.


She was very respectful and she made sure I was apart of the process all through, and brought out things that I never thought was important until I saw how she made connections of bits I had talked about.. She was able to put in layers of deeper feelings I realised I missed, but she caught. She also helped sort out possible TV and film ideas.

Nothing was too much trouble for Tiffany – I am so happy with the finished product. She is very professional in her work. Being a ‘technophobe’, I appreciated her patient demeanour and understanding. She explained things in a way that was easy and accessible for me to understand.


I would highly recommend her and would definitely like to work with her again.                     


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